1960 Foundation
1984 Established DBS by Mr. Shunzo Yamamoto with 10 million yen capital fund
1996 The DB-Join Reinforcing Bar Coupler was licensed by The Building Center of Japan (BCJ)
2006 Receiving GBRC DB Head  performance evaluation
2012 DB-Ring delivery depot opened
Shipments of DB-Ring reached 1 million units
Branch office in Tokyo opened
2013 DBS won the Aichi Environmental Excellence Award in 2013
2014 The electric vehicle charging infrastructure has been equipped
Hamamatsu branch opened
2015 New head office completed
2016 Factory 2 opened  Delivery Depot relocated to Delivery Center which is where factory 2 is located
2018 Toyokawa factory opened
2019 Tsutsui Iron Works became a subsidiary company of DBS

Company name DBS Co.,Ltd
Foundation  31 /3 /1960
Established 1 / 3 /1984
Main business Rebar work, DB Head production and sale
Licence number Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-27)25991
President&CEO  Shunsuke Yamamoto
Capital  30 million yen
Employees  65 (7 countries)  Another employees (70)
Head Office 358-1 Houeicho-Aza-Higashi Toyohashi-City Aichi pref. 441-3125 JAPAN
Tel+81-532-41-6316 Facsimile+81-532-41-6425
Tokyo Office 4F 3-29-19Nishiasakusa Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0035 JAPAN
Tel+81-3-6231-6425 Facsimile+81-3-6231-6426
Hamamatsu branch office 3040-1 Magori-cho Nishi-ku Hamamatsu-City Shizuoka pref. 431-0203 JAPAN
Toyohashi 2nd fact.
Product distribution center
7-9 Higashiwaki 3-chome Toyohashi-City Aichi pref. 441-8083 JAPAN
Tel+81-532-39-6682 Facsimile+81-39-6692
Toyokawa 118 Chigiricho-Suyahara Toyokawa-City Aichi pref JAPAN
Tel+81-533-56-7710 Facsimile+81-533-56-7720
Tsutsui Iron Works 118 Chigiricho-Suyahara Toyokawa-City Aichi pref JAPAN
Tel+81-533-83-0111 Facsimile+81-533-83-0444
Head Office
Toyohashi 2nd fact.

Promote from domestic de facto standard to global standard

Inherit the know-how and skills from previous skilled worker

Criteria when using DB Head from manufacture to construction are highly effective

General rebar work (Rebar processing・Rebar assembly)

Since its founding, we have always pursued honesty・accuracy・quickness,
taking on the role of the leader in the industry in the development of advanced equipment and techniques of Chuubu region.

Using Pre-assembly method to solve construction time problems and lack of wokers

We want to become a VE (Value Engineering) leader.
According to VE proposals, we are actively working on the unit assembly method of construction using DB Head or unit rebar welding machine to shorten the time construction, reduce construction cost, ensure the quality and safety.

Based on advanced technology and knowledge, we propose possible solutions(e.g. new bar processing technology, improve quality, market development , enforcement methods…) for problems and issues facing the industry from a professional viewpoint

We do consistently rebar processing in the factory
We not only accept normal rebar processing but also special rebar processing

Head office factory

Compact coil
The world's fastest coil processing machine
Set of products
The world's largest rebar NC processing machine

Toyohashi factory 2

Toyokawa factory

RC segment